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Tale of Jackie.


And on this nite at Cityside.

A cover band took to the stage.

Not great but, solid in kind.

With a blond bassist on the bottom.


Looks across the room.

Expressed interest and intent.

A spiitting image of Essie.

And a face from her past.


Set over, time to break.

She walks across the room.

With obvious intent. Stopping.

To say hello and make acquaintance.


Casual conversation, increased attraction!

A dinner date tomorrow.

An evening enjoyed thru sexual expression.

Leading to good eve tomorrow.

And we shall meet again



This book with it’s empty white pages

Patiently awaits the strike of graphite

To become a place where thoughts are recorded

Of many varied subjects

The state of mind, emotional being

Whatever seems going on at the time

A choice of words. A simple thought

Portraying how the being feels

At a moment in time and space

Statements of intent and occasionally lament

This time is good

And needed by the soul

Time to think and gain control

Of paths chosen

On the road of life.



Today today

And yet today

Tomorrow’s retrospect.

Never know if there

will be regret

Simply coping

With what today

Seems important

What you say

Solving problems

In many ways

Different answers

Different days

The past contributes

Reflections lesson

And leads to insight

Todays real blessing.





Dinner alone in the Back Bay

A quiet restaurant. On a slow night.

Temperature dropping, a storm in sight.

Scheduled departure in the heat of the storm.

Hopefully no delays will occur.


Looking forward to a return.

To the land of sunshine and light.

With a new person coming on board.

To fuel the design fires.

Looking forward to a solid year.

Successes long overdue arise.

As workers toil to build the dream.